rejected several times: no problem, let’s just say we’re applying for a job!.

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Today, I didn’t come to work. hmm, that’s okay. I just want to finish my researcharrangements.
overslept in the morning, it sucks! with a rush,  I print a research proposal, er paperinstead of less. then I & nancy went to the faculty to take cover letter. but his letter was not signed .. huhuhu.
it’s ookay, finally we went to eat first (we’re very hungry TT), then back to school again for consultation with the my lecturer
Mrs. Arie said: “I should continue writing to chapter 2 so that not a lot of wasted time”(since june)
letter of introduction hasn’t been completed .. Hmmppff,  finally we went to the company’s M without a letter.
arrived there, my proposal was not accepted TT,
they say that they only accept senior high student .What the fuckin hell!!!! very unfortunate and disappointing (though I have to rush this proposal solve this ~ for the 4th time I’ve rejected the company!)
they didn’t want to show their financial statements, even though Friday yesterday, I’ve contacted the company. they said that I could directly bring proposals and interviews with the leaders. but what happened?my prpoposal just didn’t read!
it’s okay,and  then we continued on to the next company, and was again rejected .. hahaha. was used., suppose this an experience to find a job if you already graduated from collegelater. hmmmm.
almost desperate? of course not, we go into the other a branch of M asked . they told us to wait. after waiting a little longer, finally they said I should that i bring my proposal directly to the personalia to be submitted directly .. Hohoho, great!
the employees said that, I had to wait several days. whether accepted or rejected ..
hmm ..hopefully accepted, (just imagine! they think that I will be applying to work in the company. hahaha of course not  **..)
After that, we continued to nancy company for making her research. quite far away .. and the taxi fare quite as well .. hahaha,
today is really very tiring. but we keep the spirit. thank God.

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